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Bardon Hill Extension – Aggregate Industries

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December 2019 - December 2020


Earthworks / Ground Clearance / Rock Break Out / Rock Anchors / Working Platform Installation


Aggregate Industries

Excavation of 3500㎥ of rock on a slope of 33degrees whilst keeping the quarry below operational throughout

These works involved excavation of a rock slot to facilitate the construction of a new 800m suspended conveyor to facilitate quarry expansion.

On this project, we excavated 3500m3 of rock on the bench of an existing quarry, with the quarry below remaining operational throughout. Our entire fleet of M-series Menzi’s were used on this project – 2 No. M545’s and 1 No. M540 Menzi Muck walking excavators.

Work has been completed in 3 phases over the course of twelve months (four working months). The shift patterns varied from 5/2 to 24/7 working to suit the requirements of the Client and their operational constraints. Key to the success of the Menzi’s operating in such an environment was our ability to secure industry leading rope access personnel to support the work of the Menzi’s.

Works were completed under Quarry Regulations, with complex operational assurance approvals required to gain approval to commence works. Our robust processes and procedures along with dedicated staff were able to quickly respond to the demands of this project as the works progressed