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Brandon Cutting – Network Rail / J Murphy & Sons

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March 2019 - September 2020


De-vegetation / Earthworks / Drainage


J Murphy & Sons / Network Rail

Excavation and reprofiling of existing embankment during traffic hours with no impact to the operational railway

This project was completed on a five day working week with intermittent possessions to facilitate line side works.

These works involved localised devegetation of the embankment to facilitate the embankment works. We excavated and reprofiled an existing embankment adjacent to the West Coast Mainline. A retaining wall was installed at the toe of the embankment and the excavation was benched and backfilled and profiled with a 6G material.

All works completed ALO (with adjacent line open). These works were completed during traffic hours adjacent to the down line of the West Coast Mainline, with an operational linespeed of 125mph.

These works required extensive liaison with Network Rail to assure the Network Operations Team that we have the capabilities and management in place to enable the works to be undertaken during traffic hours. This involved temporary works designs, specialist risk assessments and detailed reviews and walkthroughs of the project RAMS with all parties involved.

To facilitate these works, the Menzi M545 was equipped with the Gantner W135 mooring winch and a selection of attachments including a Steelwrist tiltrotator and SEVE MFM mulcher (for de-vegetation).